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There's a fantastic place called MCQ Index where you can have a blast while you learn! Let's dive into the "live MCQ exams online" world and see how it makes studying fun and easy.

What's a Live MCQ Exam?

 Imagine you're playing a game on your computer or tablet, but instead of a game, it's a test that helps you learn new stuff! That's what a live MCQ exam is all about. "MCQ" stands for "Multiple Choice Question." It's like a puzzle where you choose the right answer from a few options.

Why Live MCQ Exams Are Awesome:

No More Paper and Pencils:

Remember those boring old tests with paper and pencils? Well, say goodbye to them! With live MCQ exams online, you can use your computer or tablet to answer questions.

Easy Peasy Access:

 You don't have to go anywhere to take these exams. No need to travel to school or a special place. You can do it from your cozy corner at home!

Quick Feedback:

 When you pick an answer, the computer tells you immediately if you got it right. This helps you learn faster because you can fix mistakes immediately.

Learning Made Fun: 

MCQ Index has many cool questions on different topics. It's like exploring new worlds while answering questions. You'll be surprised how much you can learn while having fun.

Play with Friends:

 You can even do these exams with your friends! Challenge each other and see who gets more answers correct. It's like a friendly competition to become super smart!

Big Bag of Questions:

 MCQ Index is like a magic bag of questions. It has so many questions on different subjects. You can practice and practice until you become a super-duper expert.

No, Stressing Out: 

You won't stress about tests since you're learning and having fun. You'll look forward to these exams because they're like exciting brain games.

How to Start Learning on MCQ Index:

Visit the Website: 

Ask a grown-up to help you find MCQ Index on the internet.

Pick a Topic: 

You can choose a subject you like, such as math, science, animals, or anything else that interests you.

Answer Questions:

 Click on the exam and read the question. Then choose the answer you think is right. If you need more time, take a guess! Learning is all about trying.

Learn and Play: 

You'll learn amazing facts and become super smart as you answer more questions. It's like playing a game that teaches you awesome things.

Have Fun:

 Remember, the most important thing is to have fun while you learn. Learning doesn't have to be boring—it can be an exciting adventure!

So, there you have it, young explorers! Live MCQ exams online on MCQ Index are like treasure hunts for knowledge. You get to learn, play, and become true smarty-pants while having a great time. Ask your parents or teachers to help you start, and let the fun learning begin!

About BCS Preliminary, Written and Viva exams

For the purpose of nominating suitable candidates in the Bangladesh Civil Service, the Public Service Commission conducts the following 3 level recruitment test.

First level: 200 number MCQ Type Preliminary Test.

Second Level : Written test of 900 marks for the successful candidates in the preliminary test.

Third Level: Viva voce of 200 marks for the successful candidates in the written test.

First level: 200 number MCQ Type Preliminary Test

Due to the large number of candidates as compared to the vacant posts, the Bangladesh Public Service Commission conducts MCQ Type Preliminary Test.

Until the 34th BCS exam, the preliminary test was taken at 100 marks. As per the provisions of BCS Examination Rules-2014, system has been introduced to take MCQ Type Preliminary Test on 10 subjects in 2 hours from the 35th BCS Exam.

Second Level: Written test of 900 marks (average pass number 50%)

Candidates declared successful by the Commission in the Preliminary Test have to appear in the written test of 900 marks.

According to the prescribed educational qualifications, 26 cadres are divided into general cadres and technical / professional cadres into these two categories.

A. Written test of 900 marks for general cadre candidates.

B. Written test of 900 marks for technical / professional cadre candidates.

Written test for technical / professional cadre candidates

Candidates who will give preference for the posts of both General and Technical / Professional cadres have to appear for the written examination of 200 marks in the relevant subject for additional posts or services in addition to 900 marks in the subjects prescribed for the general cadre.

Third Level:  Viva Voce (Pass marks. 50%)

Candidates who have passed the written test of BCS are required to participate in the viva voce of 200 marks. Pass mark in oral exam is 50%.